Le saumon fumé
Smoked salmon with capers, red onions, lemon and field green

Les betteraves
Beets with field salad, warm bucheron on toast, Walnut & Honey, Dijon dressing

La verte
Prosciutto di Parma with baby arugula, raisins, greens beans, Feta cheese and Dijon vinaigrette

La Lyonnaise
Mixed green with frisée salad, poached egg, croutons, bacon bits and Emmental cheese

La cochonnaille
Charcuterie platter with toast, caramelized onions & cornichons

Le "claquos"
Selection of 4 aged cheeses from France
$17 .00

Suggestion: glass of Maury Mas Amiel 10 ans d'age 16

Suggestion: glass of Muscat Baumes de Venise 2013 14

La terrine Le poëlée Les deux!
Classic terrine 25 Pan-seared 26 Both! 25

Les soupes
Caramelized French onion soup gratinée

Traditionnal fish soup

Seasonal daily prepared soup

Les escargots
Escargots Bourguignon

Les moules
P.E.I. Mussels, your choice:
Marinière, white wine sauce with shallots & parsley / Creamy Curry & lemon sauce / Spicy Saffron with red bell pepper flakes

Le risotto
Creamy "al dente" risotto with wild mushroom & spinach