A Cannes Sailing Tradition

La Voile, "the sail" in French, is a small authentic French brasserie and an import from the South of France.

Founded in 1947, and known as "La Voile au Vent" (The Sail in the Wind), it was one of the oldest & most appreciated restaurants in Cannes. Situated on the old port, it was the meeting point of its classic boat sailing community, its clientele ranging from sailors to celebrities. They say that Hemingway, a regular patron at one time, even wrote about it in one or two of his novels.

The Perfect Place

The idea to bring La Voile to Boston came about by an American named Pierre, a sailor by choice & owner of a superbe sailing yacht moored directly across from the restaurant. He soon became a regular customer and a good friend. Over time & many glasses of wine, the plan to open a restaurant in Boston together was hatched.

A Genuine & Exciting Experience

Everything was brought over... the zinc bar, the tables and chairs, the wooden wine fridge (an old Butcher's fridge), the marble console, the vintage chandeliers, sailing pictures, the knives, the entrance door... even the staff!

The Cuisine is evidently French and authentic, with some "Meridional" dishes like the "Soupe de Poisson" (Fish Soupe) or the Loup de Mer (Seabass) imported fresh from the Mediterranean. These dishes will surely conjure up memories of your last trip to the South of France or inspire you to discover this wonderful region called the French Riviera.